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 „Home of Nature, People’s Park- the Sustainable Use of the Tatras Ecosystems through Ecological Eucation”



Welcome to the Centre of Education of the Tatra National Park. We hope that time spent with us will become an inspiration to observation, experience and searching for the answers connected with the life in the Tatras.


We would like to present you our model of the Tatra mountains as well as a short presentation with the basic information about Tatra National Park.

In the audio-visual room we show nature documentaries. Every Thursday and Friday we display interactive film, during which you can check your knowledge by answering the questions via tablet.

Furthermore, films in 3D are displayed in this room.  By watching short educational films presented in the Discovery Chamber you can get to know why it is forbidden to feed the animals or bring dogs into the Park.  In a very simple, though amusing way, we want to show you the role of woodworm in nature, the principles of a safe trip and how oscypek - a traditional cheese made of sheep’s milk, is made.


In the Discovery Chamber there are modern interactive tables where everybody can learn how to distinguish Tatra rocks, cones, amphibians or reptiles. It is very simple! You just need to take appropriate theme, listen to the presentation about it, observe the material carefully and answer the questions which are displayed on the screen.  In this way you can easily get to know the right way of recognising different species.

For those who love details we have prepared stereoscope stands. In those special equipment enabling displaying 3D photos you can watch a hundred of plants, invertebrates, lichens and fungi in perfect quality. Such an observation allows us to imagine how beautiful the nature is, and how rarely we pay attention to it.

For those who like moving we have prepared kinect games. You can impersonate a deer who was scared by the car, who has to jump high, turn quickly and bend so that you can avoid obstacles.The next activity is the game „The life of Marmot” which is for four people. Each of the players becomes a marmot, who lives on the alp. On the board you can see plants which need to be gathered in two minutes.  Who gathers the most, avoiding the meeting with the fox, tourist or the eagle becomes the winner.

For those who like mastering their memory we have prepared memory games and quizzes. They give you the opportunity to get to know how to protect the Tatra Nature, they show simple rules how to use the map.  Puzzles teach where different species of plants and animals live in the Tatras, they explain what is moraine, defile or a ridge.